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Digitisation of Medical Records
Date: November 7, 2023
Digitisation of Medical Records

As more patient medical records are digitised and transferred between practices via the GP2GP function, the LMC receives an increasing number of queries about how the process works, and what practices should do in certain situations. The purpose of this page is for the LMC to offer guidance where possible, and we will endeavour to update this page on a regular basis.

In July 2023, NHS England produced guidance and FAQ documents to assist with the digitisation of paper records. These documents are below:

Continuity and Digitisation of GP Records Programme for Lloyd George records 

LG Digitisation FAQs November 2023

There is also guidance available on the NHS England website.

As the LMC receives queries from a practice and we obtain an answer, we will list these below in the hope that this will help other practices:

Now our notes have been digitised (although we do not have routine access to them yet via the cloud), I am unsure what to do. I can request the digitised notes on demand, and they come through as an e-mail attachment. But what should I do from there? Do I send them to the new surgery myself via e-mail? Should it be my job to find out which surgery and which e-mail address to send to?

The current process for Lloyd George records which are scanned and stored in the cloud is as follows:

  1. City Sprint will deliver a transit label for the deducted patient record.
  2. The practice will reprint the scanned Lloyd George record from wherever it has been stored electronically.
  3. The practice will put the Lloyd George record into a City Sprint bag, ordered via PCSE Online supplies service, and attach the label.
  4. City Sprint will then collect the Lloyd George record and deliver to the patient’s new GP practice.

How do we make the move permanent i.e. instruct the scanning company to remove the patient from our cloud and send to the new surgery, particularly if the new surgery is not digitised?

  1. The scanned file needs to be deleted from the cloud as the GP and the cloud storage provider no longer have a right to hold that record once a patient has left their list.
  2. It may be good practice to allow a time period before deleting the scanned file to allow the receiving GP to check that the reprint is legible and confirm with the deducting practice.


For further information regarding the Digitisation programme and for guidance documentation, please visit the FutureNHS platform: FutureNHS Collaboration Platform – FutureNHS Collaboration Platform

Note: you will need to create an account if you do not already have one and request access to the Digital Primary Care  workspace.